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Monthly Special - NEW !

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Tecumseh 6.5 HP OHV - NEW !

Clutches - Disk and Drum

Modified, Aftermarket and Performance Clone Parts

Yellow Clone Parts - 6.5 HP - Online Catalog

Stock Parts - 6.5 HP (5 bolt valve cover)

Clone Parts - 11 & 13 HP - Online Catalog

Clone Parts - 15 HP - Online Catalog

Pipes, Mufflers, Top Plates, Chain Guards

Motor Mounts, Butterflys, Quick Change Kits

R2C Competition Series Air Filters

Clone Tech Tools

Modified Clone Carbs - Online Store

Generators & Pressure Washers

Shatter Racing Chassis

Shatter Sledge Sr Champ

Machine Shop Services

Yard Kart/Mini Bike Parts Catalog (7.4MB .pdf)

Yard Kart/Mini Bike Parts Price List (160KB .pdf)

Each of the following links are a printable documents:

Chassis Setup

Chassis Setup Form

Setup Change (at Track) Form

Kart Setup Sheet

Tire Temp Sheet

Stout Racing Engines

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