Insanity Speed Elixir

Inside Aggressive
Inside Aggressive is our most commonly used inside prep, This prep conditions the tire throughout for improved race condition performance and longevity. It is a highly recommended prep for Pink-Maxxis application on many different track conditions. It's the ideal compliment when matched with Yellow Crush and has proven very successful for our customers in the past. A good base line when judging the desired the desired results is 1 ounce or roughly 30cc's for every 3 point drop during warmer conditions and 2 points during colder parts of the year. Once treated conditioner will remain active inside for between one and two months. This prep works similarly as recommended on Maxxis with the same outside preps complimenting. Also a recommended inside treatment for Vega and Unilli this prep should be the base whether using Aggressive Outside or when a soaked tire is needed and wet track is the prep of choice.

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Outside Aggressive
Aggressive Outside is a favorite of many and proven winner when those track conditions are not quite up to par but the trackS just not ready for a "soaked" tire. It's a big customer favorite for that lacal Saturday night shootout when the moisture is in the air and laying on top of that traCk. Wiping this prep at the track is the most comon practice when you need that extra bite that the track just isn't providing. Mostly recommended to be used with Inside Aggressive this combo will be optimally used in the 40-48 duro range. It'S a dep penetrating prep that will lend itself to fire off quick while your competitors are sliding around waiting for grip.

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Hard Track Outside
Hardtrack Outside is an effective go to prep during those hot summer months when track bite is high and minimal amount of prepping is needed. It's a great product to wipe at the track to keep the top bite present while not getting deep enough to hurt a tire over a longer run. This prep can also be a great mid week prep to keep the tire fresh and ready for race day. Too many times we see customers getting overzealous and hurting a tire during summer conditions with more aggressive preps but Hardtrack Outside will allow you to wipe and still maintain your tire life if overworked. Its not a lasting prep that gets deep so if overworked a little time or an on track cycle will help the tire bounce back with minimal damage. We recommend Hard Outside for pink Maxxis to Burris. Burris tires can be tricky at times with the rubber compounds varying from the norms of many other tires but when used according and pared with hardtrack inside the combination has been proven to very effective. These two less aggressive preps allow you to work the tire as you would a maxsxis form normal midweek conditioning and at track preparations. This prep is often used the same with Unillis

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Hard Track Inside
Hardtrack Inside is another compliment to those hot summer months when track bite is high and the need for manufactured grip is low. It's also a go to for those Burris tires when accompanied with Hardtrack Outside. It provides that conditioner that's always needed while allowing a minimal duro drop of 1-1.5 points per ounce. Haedtrack inside can be rolled during the week and have a lasting effect for up to a month after treatment. This prep puts some bite in while allowing a more consistent result furring race day.

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Yellow Crush
Yellow Crush Our most popular per is a staple in the Insanity tire program. This prep is wiped during the week for conditioning and at the track accordingly. It's a very versatile prep that can be cut and mixed with other as needed to seek a desired effect per track conditions. Yellow crush is a great compliment to our Inside Aggressive and can be used on conditions varying form a mid day qualifying to evening racing when track moisture is higher and more bite is needed. The versatility of this prep allows you to run the same tires throughout the day with having to wipe multiple chemicals on the same tires. The most commonly used mid week conditioner for pinks Maxxis is Yellow Crush is applied during the week to set in a deep bade for race day that will provide a lasting result and keep tire fall off to a minimum. For best results wipe liberally twice a day two or three days during the week approximately ending two days before race day. On race day use as needed to help tires fire off and adjust for the amount of grip needed for track conditions. When track bite is high for midday and qualifying this prep is recommended for two week scuffs while a fresher and deeper rolled tire is more suitable for a damper race condition. When that extra bite is needed but track is not ready for a soaked tire Yellow Crush can be mixed with a 20% Black Sand to achieve a tire with more bite and this has proven very successful. When using Firestone tires following the guidelines above for pink Maxxis is recommended while unilli and King Tires Hardtrack outside is recommended during the day and Yellow Crush at night. As you can see this prep has many applications and is a very important part of an Insanity Speed Elixir tire program.

Price $24.95

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